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Museo de la Canción Yucateca (Museum of the Yucatecan Song)

Located on Calle 57 near Calle 50, the Museo de la Canción Yucateca is one of the great places to visit in Mérida – and fundamentally important as an archive for researching music for The Mapmaker’s Opera!

The museum was founded on November 5, 1978, at the initiative of Mrs. Rosario Caceres Baqueiro Chamomile, granddaughter of the composer Cyril Baqueiro Preve “Chan-Cyl”.

The song, ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ from Act I of the musical – which I’ve written about in a previous post – is specifically inspired by the style of music called Trova Yucateca. Of course, I’m not myself writing, or attempting to write original ‘Trova’ but adapting some of the musical elements of the style into a Broadway soundscore. At any rate, it’s not a good idea to attempt to Continue Reading →

Great Trova Yucateca Musicians #1

I am learning, and writing, about great Trova Yucateca musicians in this next series of posts whilst we are in preparation to record the 10th audio demo for The Mapmaker’s Opera, adapted from the novel by Béa Gonzalez.

I’ve gone back to the rich vein of Mexican music that comes from the Yucatán peninsula, as a couple of the remaining songs in the show still to be composed, borrow from this wonderful musical milieu.

This series of posts, over a course of weeks, is going to include: Pastor Cervera, Armando Manzanero, Cirilo Baqueiro Preve “Chancil”, Ermilo Padron Lopez, Juan Acereto as well as the subject of today’s blog: Ricardo Palmerin. Continue Reading →