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2013 Festival De Las Aves: Yucatán, Mexico

Festival de las AvesHi all. So, it’s pretty well-known to those aficionados of The Mapmaker’s Opera, that one of the central characters of the story is the entire bird population of the Yucatán Peninsula, as so beautifully woven into the narrative in the originating novel by Béa Gonzalez – and specific to the drama – a pair of passenger pigeons (now extinct – which is the real point!)

So, I think it is simply wonderful to have a festival that is dedicated to the birds of a region – anywhere, let alone in the Yucatán peninsula, around Mérida in Mexico. Here is a link to the Facebook page of the Festival de las Aves to be held between November 22-24 this year. Most of the posts are in Spanish, but some are in English too. Check out some of the photography!

The Yucatan Bird Festival “TOH” takes place in a state which has traditionally served as the region’s cultural center. It’s a perfect place to combine birds with visits to Maya archeological zones and rural indigenous communities. Continue Reading →