Vale Doreen Montalvo-Mann

We are devastated to learn of the passing of Doreen Montalvo-Mann.

Doreen performed the role of Aunt Marta in our 2018 workshop of The Stranger from Seville. Doreen was part of an exemplary cast of Broadway professionals who brought our Mexican-Spanish, turn of the 20th-Century love-story to life over two weeks in mid-town.

It is no wonder to us at all that in the ensuing two years she was seen in the original Broadway cast of Mrs. Doubtfire as well as appearing in the new In the Heights and forthcoming West Side Story film adaptations. Prior to these accolades she was synonomous with the original Broadway production of In The Heights.

Although we live here in Australia, our heartfelt condolences go to her husband, Michael Mann, and her family.

We were only privileged to see Doreen’s artistry for a fleeting moment as part of her overall special life and career, but it touched us then in 2018 and we will remember her graciousness and love for our show forever.

Vale Doreen (from Kevin and Victor who love you)