Welcome to 2020 and News on Further Development

We’ve been away working on another musical over the last two years (Castle GIllian) but we are now back starting to work on Stage -Three development of our much loved, and beloved, Spanish/Mexican musical.

So where are we in this process?

We have completely re-wrtten the opening of the show based on feedback from both our Off-Broadway festival performances in 2014 at the Pearl Theatre on 42nd Street (sadly now closed), the informative and wonderful experience we had at the 2nd. Annual Festival of New Musicals at the Winter Park Playhouse in Florida in 2018 and the subsequent 29-hour reading that followed in New York in September of that year with our amazing Equity cast.

Further changes are being made including, new songs coming in – some existing songs going out – some previously discarded songs being re-instated, tightening of dramaturigical elements and a whole lot more. We think we’ll be done with this final re-write in March 2021. In the interim, we have some production obligations with Castle GIllian to fit in whilst we are working on The Stranger from Seville.

More news as soon as it is to hand.

Victor and Kevin