New Songs with Videos!

Kevin Purcell

So, as promised, we have completed new song demos and videos for the upcoming presentation as part of the Florida Festival of New Musicals at the Winter Park Playhouse (Aug. 23-26).  You can check them out here.

The first is called ‘Who I Am’ which is a new song for the character of Sofia at the top of Act II.  The charming vocalist on this version is the Australian actor, Kate Yaxley. We were so impressed with Kate’s vitality and conviction to the lyrics of this song as is abundently clear in the video footage.

The second demo is a song for the character of Diego Clemente, and is the opening song in the show.  In this version, ‘All I Could Ask For’ is sung by the very talented Brent Trotter.

We hope you enjoy these two latest additions to our catalogue of songs from The Stranger from Seville.

More news about the New York workshop of the musical in September coming very soon!

Kevin & Victor